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Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay

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ive got this clay but i am clueless how to use it and how much. Ive never used a facemask before so i am absolutely clueless.

How much do you use of each ACV and powder? Specify in tablespoons please

What is the resulant mixture like? Mine was very very thick i am not sure if it is correct

What do you use to mix it?

How do you apply it? Cotton pads, hands?

also when you remove it how should it be? Should they come off in chunks?


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If possible mix it either in rose water or milk and make it a battery consistency. Apply it with your hand or a fan brush whatever you prefer and wash it off with running water after 20 minutes. This clay is supposed to be drying acne but do not over do it. 20 minutes is a very good time to keep this face mask on.

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Milk? Where did you get that idea from? What are the results like?

Also how do you dispose of the clay? I have heard of the clay blocking drains so im curious how you dispose of it

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I've never heard milk or rosewater. I just mix it with water to make the consistancy similar to toothpaste (maybe a bit more watery). After, you just rinse it off into the drain, it doesn't clog. Water will always disolve it. I do it at night because it can make your face slightly red. You can mix the water with apple cider vinegar which really helps acne but can irritate your skin. Aztec healing clay is the best stuff. Also, if you ever have any rashes or weird skin problems it cures a lot.

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Yeah been using it recently. I feel that it's best to make it very nice and thick. If it's thin it doesn't work as good.

Did twice and put wrong consistency, my face after was little smoother. Didn't feel much 'pulling'. Hard to remove due to being cream like but not like flakes

Next try did it very thick and felt awesome. Massive 'pulling'. When removing it it felt like using hair removal wax. Easy to remove. Afterwards left face red as hell. And result... Much more smoother and bright

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