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How Long Do You Keep Your Makeup For?

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Hi, so I was just curious as to how long you guys keep your makeup for before tossing it. I'm thinking products like foundation, BB cream, powder, powder blush, cream blush, pencil eyeliner, liquid eyeliner, concealer, eyeshadows and mascara. I don't have too large a makeup collection or anything but I'm still trying to declutter it a bit and even though I know things like foundation, BB cream, and mascara (mascara especially) should be replaced frequently I really have no clue what the shelf life on the rest of my makeup is :/.

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So I just checked and the only eyeshadows I owned with expiration dates listed on them said 36M. Do you think it would be alright for me to assume it's alright to keep them for 3-4 years then? Can't tell if that would be sort of gross or not aha I've never had any of my eyeshadows change consistency or smell or anything on me over time so idk.

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Powder products have a longer shelf life. The only reason I would consider tossing them sooner is if they oxidize (start turning orange).

Stuff that goes tightly around your eyes should be replaced every two months or so (like your mascara, eyeliner). I don't do this but I should.

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