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Benzoyl Peroxide For Pf?

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A male, 20 years old and I beleive I have PF and possibly acne to. I have it on my back, chest, neck and stomach. Not on face really at all. I just received my Acne.org kit and started using that and it seems to already be helping some. However I got to reading on PF and I beleive this is what I have as well if not only. It get irritated when I sweat and itches occasionally. So my question is would benzoyl peroxide help or hurt PF. I bought some Nizoral and Znp bar I'm going to start with today. Any responses or suggestions are welcomed. Thanks!

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Well as I said I don't have any on face fortunately. Also, I have used Benzol peroxide in the past with some success. I used it twice for like three weeks religiously and it really kept it clear for a few months. While I was using it all the time my skin BARLEY even felt stiff let alone dry. At time I thought it wouldn't work at all because it wasn't drying my skin but I learned select few just only receive the benefits of BP and not the red, dry, flaky part too. It's never burned but I don't put it on my face ex pet the four head occasionally. Basically I was just wondering if it would HURT my PF if indeed thats what I have. I ordered the acne.org regime, even the jojoba oil and AHA glycolic acid 10%. So i would hate to just not use 110 dollars because I mean it's worked miracles for people.

Secondly I purchased Nizoral, H&S classic, selsun blue (clinic strength or something like that) for the PF. I read a lot of good things about rotating these items for a few weeks. A lot of people we clear in days!! I can only hope.

The reason I beleive the majority is PF is that it gets worse in the summer when I sweat all day at work. I live in the delta (Memphis, TN) by the way where it can get 110 with the heat index and 75% humidity in August and July. It gets more inflamed. I had been taking minocycline for 6 weeks and a week and half ago I broke out on my neck like never before. It got worse everyday. I thought it was because I missed one day of antibiotics so I made sure to take them everyday. 4 days after the initial breakout I received my acne.org regime. The next day after using it I could tell a difference. Now today after 5 days of using it, it is considerably better. Is it the regime or just a coincident? I don't know really. However last night is when I finally discovered PF and I just truly feel that's what I have so I quit my antibiotics because I read that makes it worse. And I bought all those anti fungal shampoos. So since BP doesn't dry or flake my skin should I continue to use it with the other shampoos becuase I'm pretty sure I have both acne and PF just the majority is PF in my opinion. So hopefully some more of yall could chime in on what you think. Thanks for your reply by the way.

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