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Same Birth Control, Different Dose

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So about 7 months ag, I went to a new gynocologist. She had told me that because my uterine lining was so low, that I needed to try an upped dose of what I had been taking with no issues for at least a year.

Gildess 1/20 was what I had been taking and thankfully, did not mind as it had cleared up my acne nicely (my biggest issue being my back).

My doctor wanted me to start taking Gildess 1.5/25 which...you think wouldn't be much of an issue but I noticed my back started breaking out again. I waited 4 months (3 being the advised) to see if anything would change. Nothing...

I managed to go back down to my original 1/20 dose in hopes it would rid of the acne but, has not. In fact, there are plenty of tiny spots and the occasional huge/painful acne blemish. I should have been back on this dose for about 3 months now but, the acne remains. What could be going on?

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It could take some more time for your body to adjust? Some people are just really sensitive to changes in hormone levels, even one as small as changing doses.

I would suggest using a topical treatment - maybe a BP wash - on your affected areas to help calm it down and see if it gets better. Sometimes once you get a breakout going on, the infection in the skin continues to spread and new blemishes continue to form, even if hormones are no longer the direct cause. Especially on an area that has a lot of contact with external factors like a t-shirt rubbing it around.

Sorry you're going through this. Good luck!

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