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So I've been on tretinoin 0.05 for 5 weeks and 5 days and I'm still red and peely:( my derm just threw me on it and didn't start me off on 0.025. She told me to use it every night and I kind of feel like it's messing my skin up, my acne is gone after the initial breakout and my post red marks have gone down quite a bit but I have lost my confidence completely now that I have red cheeks with marks on them. What should I do? Really need help:(

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Hello, I know my post is a bit late, so I'm hoping I am still helpful to you. I also use tretinoin - although only the .025 strength. It DOES dry the skin - causes flakiness, redness. So what I do is I apply it right after washing my face - skin is still wet. I use only a small amount that I quickly swirl around my skin (Mixing with the water that is still on my skin) and that smaller, dilluted amount is able to cover my face and neck pretty well doing this method. I leave it on about 30 mins, then just dab on a moisturizer. And I don't use anything fancy - Eucerin lotion works fine. I don't rub the moisturizer/lotion in... I dab it on my skin so it doesn't disrupt the tretinoin that is being absorbed into the skin. This extra effort has worked amazingly well! I'm 43 and my two daughters (15 and 18) tell me they envy my skin! I do believe this has worked for me as well, so I will throw this out to you as a quick method.... I put a dime size of moisturizer in palm of my hand, then mix in a pea-sized amount of the tretinoin. I mix them together with a fingertip and then apply to my face immediately. I always apply products with my ring finger, as it's one of our weaker fingers - and less likely to be too rough wtih our skin. Gentler is better. (One other tip I can offer, if you ever have an inflamed red pimple, and you're going out somewhere: run some hot water over the spot - without burning yourself of course - then allow it to air dry. Then apply just a few eye drops to it - takes away some redness so you can go about your day a little less self-conscious. It's a temporary quick-fix! The hot water *supposedly* signals your body to send white blood cells to heal the area. The eyedrops simply reduce redness. I use them with a qtip throughout a day if necessary.) My skin has gone fron *terrible* to flawless. FINALLY.

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