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I've struggled with acne since I was about 15 years old. Minocycline was the only thing that ever kept my skin clear. I took it for years (I know, so bad) but as soon as I stopped taking the antibiotic it would come back.

I stopped taking Minocycline before the summer of 2014. Now, at 23, my skin is worse than ever. I've had my hormones checked, I cut out dairy, I've been taking vitamins every day - nothing! I have a great diet and drink plenty of water.

My doctor recently gave me some samples of Tactupump (the Canadian name for Epiduo) and I wanted to hear anyone else's experience? I'm currently in Week 5 of treatment and some days it seems my skin is better but others (like today) it feels so much worse. I want to give it 3 months, however, this experience feels like a rollercoaster and I'm starting to lose hope.

Did anyone else have the same problem? Did it eventually clear up?


Morning - Cleanse with Cetaphil, moisturize with Cetaphil oil-free SPF 15

Night - Cleanse with Cetaphil and Clarisonic, apply pea size of Epiduo, let dry, apply Cetaphil moisturizer

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I used tactupump while at home for a week and it killed my skin, it felt raw, was red and VERY DRY and literally felt like a bad sun burn, then I went up to my cottage and my cousin had the same perscription, so I just tried to use it again and IT WORKED WONDERS! For the week that I was there... Weird? when I got back home I continued the same skin care regiment I was using at the cottage (spectro gel combo skin, herbal spot serum, tactupump, then real aloe Vera cut from the plant) AND AGAIN I HAD THE WORST REACTION! Like what? So I went to my dermatologist and she said to look into the type of water at my house compared to the cottage, so turns out we have a SOFT WATER filter at the cottage, and really hard water where I live at home, she recommended me invest in a soft water pump but they're around $900 :( so I've been washing my face using Aquafina water bottles, this brand of water has been proven to be the softest, it has been changing my skin for the better! Try it out, and do research of the effects of hard water on ur skin! It's bad!

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