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What's a good SA wash other than

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BCS = blackhead clearing scrub.

I'm getting kind if tired of the microbeads.

Yes I've tried CnC Advantage, no don't recomend it.

Preferibly something that doesn't dry out too much. I've heard clearasil total control is good.

Any recomendations?

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if your in the UK i know you can get hold of this and its a f****n godsend.

Its called clean and clear oil free deep cleansing cream wash


They have recently changed the design of the packaging so keep your eyes peeled for the right one. Its a SA wash.

I first found when i used this it broke me out quite badly but i think this is cos i was not washing it off properly and some cream was left behind, blocking pores. So i started using a foaming face wash after i used this one to get rid of all the cream and it works like no other combination iv ever tried its unbeleivable i dont have any spots any more apart from the odd one or two and i look normal again apart from my red marks.

Wash with C&C oil free deep cleansing cream wash

Wash off with water

Wash with tea tree foaming wash

Wash off with water

Apply BP or 20% TTO cream. Thats my complete regimen.

I havn't had a single spot on my nose for ages and i only get the occasional spot on my forehead or cheek. I love life again!! ..ahem..

I used to wash with the blackheading clearing scrub in the morning and with the deep cleansing cream wash at night but i dont do this anymore because....

one time i ran out of the C&C BCS and i didnt buy any more because i couldnt get to the shops or something and then a week or so later i realised using the C&C OFDCCW (oil free deep cleansing cream wash) twice a day did wonders for my acne so now i just use these 2 products (C&C OFDCCW and foaminf tea tree wash) as well as bp or tea tree oil.

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sa is meant to be a more effective agent if left on the skin...so you could consider a moituriser containing sa or some other leave on treatment like Paula's choice 2% sa lotion.

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