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What Does This Look Like? Help Please

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I've delt with acne all of my life so it's nothing new. However now I've noticed that in adition to face back chest and upper arm acne... I seem to get some on lower arm as well now. Not sure f they're pimples or not buts it's frustrating to have to deal with this at 29. I did pick at it about an hour ago so that didn't help. These seem to last for ages lately.... Any advice? And is it acne or some other type of inflammation...?

I apologize for the pic quality....

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Is your name Francisco? I can totally see your Nursing badge from the pic...hehe...

But yes, that looks like an acne spot in the wrong place! Maybe you can wash your entire body with an acne soap? I would also recommend lathering yourself in Head & Shoulders zinc pyrthione shampoo occasionally.

Or... you can use a soap that contains Goat's Milk.

Or... a soap that contains 3% sulphur (beware the fiery smell!)

All the best!

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How long have you been seeing these marks for?

Have you considered the possibility of keratosis pilaris? Give it a quick google search and see what you think.

I had keratosis pilaris on the fronts of my legs and it drove me crazy! Nothing would shift it. Then I gave up gluten and it cleared within the month. It's often a case of finding the inner cause of your acne, especially if your condition is migrating to other areas of your body. Have you considered the possibility of food sensitivities or allergies as the cause?

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I'll try to post some better images later but the marks seem to be healing. In the past Ive tried diet changes but never in conjunction with an all around healthy lifestyLe such as sleep and so on. Maybe I need to be more strick with a diet change but I've always been under the belief that acne can only be treated through medication. Whenever I've stepped foot Into a dermatologist they've never mentioned anything natural,food or sleep related. Currently I've been given clydomiacin pads for my back. thr marks on my forarms have begun coming in a few months ago on and off but I've delt with acne on face and body for over 15 years more or less. Thanks for hearing me out and the responses.

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