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Hey! I've been using the BP as spot treatment. The spots where i apply it are clear again, but with a price; my face is tomato red and peeling! Everytime i go without makeup, people ask if im sunburnt. If i wear makeup to cover up the redness, my peeling is even more noticeable and looks worse. Can you guys recommend something to get rid of this redness and peeling? I dont want to stop the BP, it's too good for my skin. It is 10% though, so should i go to a lower %? What should i do for redness? Help please!

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Ouchies!! I would definitely recommend switching to a 2.5% formula. Much gentler and just as effective at treating acne. Pick up some Neutrogena On-The-Spot (2.5% BP) at your local drugstore. If you need to treat your whole face, the Regimen 2.5% BP is a really great value.

Are you moisturizing?? Any strength BP will cause some uncomfortable dryness and redness for most people, so moisturizing is a must to minimize these symptoms.

If the redness is unbearable and moisturizer won't touch it at this point, try slothering your face with Vaseline at night. Goopy and greasy but delivers on its promise to heal and protect. And it's noncomedogenic. It's a cheap remedy if you have nothing else. Do this for a few nights until redness subsides.

Let us know how you do! :)

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