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Is Dermarolling At Home Safe/effective?

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I had a series of dermarolling treatments in the past and had good success with it, with some hyperpigmentation fading and my skin texture smoothing.
I'm now mainly left with some left over hyperpigmentation from previously, as well as new hyperpigmentation from breakouts that I've had since my dermaroller treatment (the breakouts weren't caused by the dermaroller, just to clarify) that I'm looking to try and get rid of.

It just frustrates me that any time I get a spot, I seem to be left with a red blotch for so long even after the actual inflammation has stopped, so I was looking into a cheaper and more readily available alternative to going dermatologist and spending a small fortune on treatments.

I was just wondering what people's views are on the use of home dermarolling kits?
They're so much cheaper than going to a dermatologist that it makes me wonder if there's something wrong with using them?
The procedure seems relatively straight-forward and you can find instructions online, so I'm wondering is there much risk involved with doing them yourself? Or are they just not as effective for some reason?

The kit I was looking at has a 1mm dermaroller (which is recommends to use once per week on the whole face); a 1.5mm dermastamp (which I was told to use once a month on the scarred area); and some Vitamin C serum to be applied straight after the roller/stamp session.

For clearing up hyperpigmentation and generally just improving skin texture, would this be okay? Or is it too risky/not effective?

Any help would be very much appreciated :)

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