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hello everyone,

i just though i should post an update to let you all know how my actuate treatment is going...

So i have been on actuate for just over 3 months (14 weeks) now and i can finally say that i have had no new major breakouts on my face for a week :Siava: (YAAAAAAY) !!!

BUT... the top of my back is at its worst. i have so many spots on the top of my back, my shoulders and some at the top of my chest (just below my neck in-between my collar bones) which sucks because they are really painful :( .

So i visited my derm a few weeks ago and she said that if i am still having new breakouts when i see her next ( which is 2 weeks from now) i will have to continue taking the drug for another month until i have no new breakouts. I suppose this is for the best as i don't want to come off the drug and breakout because i didn't take it long enough!!

The symptoms i am currently experiencing are :

Dry lips - but i suppose this is a definite symptom when taking acutane

Flakey skin - especially my face and arms

Really dry arms and hands which causes red bumps - if i moisturise it calms down but really catchy :wacko:

Thats basically it to be honest.

Products i am using ...

i have been using 'QV gentle wash' and 'QV skin lotion'. I live in the UK and i get it on prescription from my local chemist. It is very hydrating and helps the dry/ flakey-ness of my skin. I use the wash in the shower in the morning on my face and the rest of my body and as soon as i get out of the shower i put a good lot of the skin lotion on my face. I then let it dry in before applying my make-up.

For my dry arms i apply a good lot of 'ultra base' which i also get prescribed by my chemist and this tends to help. I found the ultra base too thick and creamy for my face and it clogged me up and made me break out, where as the QV lotion has no oil, scents etc added to it so i find this better for my face.

For makeup i have been using bare minerals original loose foundation. This works wonders for me. At the start of my treatment i was using mac studio fix foundation and i think this made me break out even more ( this is also the foundation i was using before i started actuate and it made me severely break out) I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS FOUNDATION FOR ACNE PRONE SKIN!!!!

Anyway back to bare minerals. This foundation is amazing (in my opinion). It is light weight and it feels like you are wearing nothing!! A negative to this foundation is that it takes long to apply, you have to buff it into the skin and repeat a few times for good coverage.

Any questions please ask, i will happily answer :)

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