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Apple Cider Vinegar - Help!

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Hello everybody. So im martin and i am of 19 years of age. My father had acne and my mother never had any. Anyway i seem to have inherited my father's genes. I have acne on my face and lots of bacne. I have never really ever put effort into taking my acne away only this year have i started. Anyway i have been using ACV for quite a while and i only used it topically at first with a filtered brand of ACV but now that i have braggs, I have started drinking it aswell. I also put tea tree oil into my ACV. I dilute my ACV 1:1. Anyway since using ACV on my face, it has become more smooth and less bumpy like before. But the one thing is there is like still a brown circles of the acne yet its smooth to touch. My Bacne hasnt changed much from ACV I dont know what it is. There are quite smooth areas on my back yet it is very scarred.

How can I get rid of the 'dark' marks/spots?

How much ACV do you apply? I use cotton pads and usually my face is quite literally wet after applying acv. Should it be just a light touch of ACV?

Is ACV more effective when drinking it than topically?

When drinking ACV do you initially get a breakout of spots?

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If you want to go a more natural route I have heard lemon juice helps with scarring and spots. I put lemon juice in honey and wash my face with it everyday. Just make sure you wash it all off before going in the sun.

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