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Starting 10Mg/day Of Accutane Tonight.

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Hello! 19 Male here, from Canada. I've dealt with moderate acne since I was 13 or so, and I'm turning 20 next month. I've used clindamycin products, salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, and adapalene throughout this time (and combination products of all of these ingredients). My results have been decent but not consistent. I've tried two 2 month courses of minocyline, which work well until I stop the medication.

After a lot of debating, I talked with my doctor again about accutane, got my blood work done last week (which she said showed I'm in excellent shape health-wise), and today I was given my first 5 week supply of accutane (1 month + 1 extra week in case of scheduling conflicts). I'll be taking 10mg/day for this period, and every month I'll receive blood work and we'll discuss the current dosage.

My doctor says she normally doesn't put patients on it for longer than 3-4 months. I have some issues with depression and anxiety (which is being managed with medication pretty well!) and she wants to see how this dosage affects me.

My dad took accutane in the 80s during the first year it was available to the public. He believes he took it for only 2 months, and hasn't had acne since. He also said it was severe and cystic, and has 0 pictures from that time in his life because he was so embarassed. His face looks perfect now, but he's 54. You'd think he'd have scars if it was that bad, so it might've been like mine.. Two of my cousins also took accutane, and they were on antidepressants when they did. It cleared them up very well, and they're older now so I'm hoping for no remission.

I'll have to ask about the dosage my dad took, if he can remember that far back! But isn't 10mg/day a bit low? I weigh 155lbs.

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