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Two Large Blackheads

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I actually dont really have that bad of skin, except that I'm prone to blackheads around my nose. Mostly, they're small enough that I'm not self conscious or bothered, and I apply clean and clear blackhead cleaner. But, when I was a teenager I basically put no effort into this at all, and resultingly, I got a very large blackhead on my nose (I think its a blackhead, but its flesh coloured). I can NOT get rid of it. Recently another blackhead formed just beside my nose, I cant remember exactly why, but I guess I hadnt washed my face for a few days out of stupidity. What would be the best course of action to remove these things? I heard tazorac 0.1 works well. To be honest, I've yet to see a dermatologist because I find the whole thing pretty embarassing. If I can just find some product or technique to get rid of these bastards on my own, I'd prefer that. Pics attached. My webcams pretty shit so the quality isnt the best, and excuse my lack of shaveness. :Ppost-459483-0-74096000-1427444644.jpgpost-459483-0-00416900-1427444637.jpg

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If it's just two blackheads, I'd recommend washing your face with warm water and then just extracting them yourself. Gently apply some pressure and the pore clog should pop up enough where you can pull it out the rest of the way. In most cases the resulting enlarged pore shrinks right back down. If the blackheads are deep and won't come out easily, you could try treating the area with salicylic acid. SA helps break down pore clogs so that they can be easily removed. If worse comes to worst, you could go to a spa and an esthetician will extract them professionally but these services can be a little pricey.

Good luck with whatever you decide! :)

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