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Most Effective Topical Acne Treatment In The World.

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Very interesting. I'm glad you have found something that works for you. However I couldn't really make out the type of glycerin you were talking about. It was hard to grasp. Can you link what you use?

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Is it a video of an audio lol cause I only saw darkness... :( lol

Anywho...Very interesting. I guess alcohol can be used like an astringent?

I think it could work on certain skin types though...and maybe not the sensitive type.

Is glycerin based alcohol mild on the skin? Btw I have really oily skin (not sensitive). Just curious even though I don't have problems using 'harsh' stuff on my face lol. I just wanna know haha `cause I might wanna try this method someday when I'm done with ACV.

Thank you for sharing! :)

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It dissolves oil from the inner and outer layers of the skin and replaces it with glycerin which replaces how the skin moisturizers itself . Yeah its a video, was just night time. Without oil acne can't exist. I would say it would be the best treatment in regards to oily skin. Its more than an Astringent. It simply eliminates every aspect that makes acne able to form

Please note that "glycerin based alcohol" is not a coined term. This is what aftershave is.

Ive tried acv. Imo worthless for daily treatment. Decent in regards to exfoliation.

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Wanted to throw an update. Didnt seem to atop the problem. It also seemed to make the oil on the face very thick and overexfoliate. Using alone without a soap or alcohol will cause oil build up which in the end made my skin worse.

Id call it more of a toner rather than a treatment. Without adressing the oil acne will keep comig back.

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