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Good Diet / Vitamins Questions..

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Hello everyone I have a couple questions , I have moderate acne its not terrible but it seems to break out in the SAME spots EVERY TIME.

I break out on my forehead and temple areas the WORST. everywhere else is like one pimple its not to bad. If i didnt have the forehead and temple problem areas i'd be very happy with my skin.

I just recently started taking vitamins because i thought maybe it was a vitamin deficiency, i've been taking the following vitamins for about 4 days ( im going to continue but how long will it take to see changes )

Naturemade : Vitamelts ( multivitamin )

- Vitamin A ( 100% dv )

- Vitamin C ( 100% dv )

- Vitamin D ( 250% dv )

- Vitamin E ( 100% dv )

- Thiamin (100 % dv )

- Riboflavin ( 100% dv )

- Niacin ( 100 % dv )

- Vitamin B6 (100% dv )

- Folic Acid ( 100% dv )

- VItamin B12 ( 100% dv )

- Biotin ( 100% dv )

- Pantothenic ( 100% dv )

Spring Valley Fish Oil:

Vitamin D3 ( 500% )

600MG Omega 3

EPA : 324 MG

DHA : 216 MG

I think my acne is dietary because i do not eat health food at all ( i never eat dairy tho ) ... I do try to eat bananas and apples and grapes etc but for dinner i eat all processed food with a ton of carbs / sugars because thats what my parents cook .... If anyone could give me a good diet that I could try and see if my acne is dietary that'd be much appreciated. I work out at the gym every day for about an hour and a half( hard work outs @ the gym) and i also do not sleep a lot due to work i sleep late around 3am to about 10am. If anyone could give me suggestions it'd be wonderful !

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