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Male In Late 20S With Mild Acne - In Need Of Advice

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I am an Indian male in my late 20s. Had mild acne since my early 20s (3-4 active bumps at any time). Also suffering from PIH (brown skin). I have naturally oily skin. Acne is triggered by caffeine or vitamin B12 pills (I don't take either).
I am absolutely stumped on what to do as I always manage to have 1 or 2 big pustules or cysts. They almost a week until a head is formed. After the gross removal of the white stuff + blood. I get PIH, a dark brown circle around where the cyst was with a very light color in the center. Eventually, this turns full brown and several months later is gone.
I've tried proactiv in my mid 20s, this stuff was good but I would look like an oil slick by the end of the day.
Then I moved to the Regimen one year ago (using cerave moisturizer instead of the acne.org one), and my acne is still the same as it was under proactiv (1-3 active bumps at all times), but I don't look like an oil slick. However, by the end of the day, my eyes will become extremely watery due to an allergic reaction to the BP?
What are YOUR recommendations on what I should do?
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The only thing that cleared my skin was Paula's Choice CLEAR System, meaning the cleanser, BHA exfoliant and benzoyl peroxide lotion. I started with the Extra Strength version and stepped down to the regular strength. Adding Olay Regenerist fragrance free Regenerating Serum got rid of the residual red and brown discoloration due to the niacinamide.

Skip their Resist line, though. It doesn't work and it's overpriced. The CLEAR System, except for the sunscreen, is top notch, but don't trust the rest of Paula's Choice stuff based on that. Keep it simple.


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