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Need Help Getting Rid Of Severe Back Acne. Warning: Pics

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My back has been like this for almost a decade and I am in my early 20's. I know it is acne but think it can be a combination of something else too because a lot of it seems to just be brown spots and doesn't seem like typical acne. I also notice a lot of scars that are indent/icepick (not sure on name).

I used to have bad acne on my face but it went away. I used to have a lot of my chest similar to my upper back but that is 95% gone. I don't know why my face and chest went back to normal as I didn't really do anything in particular for it.

I used to be much smaller in size compared to what I am now and it has looked the same. Diet hasn't had any impact. I have tried sulfur soap but that didn't do anything.

Not able to go to dermatologist so I will need help from here. I realize that scars may take longer to fix but I would like to know how to get rid of all the red and brown areas.





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Have you tried a benzoyl peroxide soap and/or a zinc soap (head and shoulders for men is good anti-acne body soap)?

Using those soaps and also exfoliating your back well should help, exfoliating helped with my body acne, while in the shower, I would get a small towel and soak in in the hot water, then put it over the top of my back holding the towel at each end pulling it tight against my back, then scrape the towel across my entire back.

I would do that several times, making sure every part of my back was well trawled over to remove all dead skin and encourage new healthy skin growth.

Your marks don't look inflamed or 'live', have all those marks been there a while then or are new ones like that still appearing?

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I am going to buy some benzoyl soap for use during the shower and benzoyl cream/lotion for applying after.

I use a soft bristle brush for soap but will try a towel instead.

Those marks have been there for many years... When I move my fingers across it is mostly "smooth" but there are some bumps/grainy feel but I don't think it is typical acne since there is no pus involved. Few spots are typical acne where it turns into a white head. I would say above 80% are just those marks and rest is what is typically seen as acne that turns into whiteheads.

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Uhm.. I wouldn't suggest to 'exfoliate' by brushing or anything that could be 'hurtful' to the skin - just yet!

But do try the Head & Shoulders zinc suggestion.

I would recommend the following:

Wash body with a zinc pyrthione soap (try Dr Cynthia Bailey's Foaming zinc wash) or any Head & Shoulders shampoo / CLEAR shampoo (must have zinc in it!)

Apply some AHA/Glycolic acid on the body every night

For the latter, I strongly suggest getting Neostrata's Ultra-Smoothing Lotion. It has 8% Glycolic acid and 2% citric acid. It works REALLY well for body acne. Heck, I've been using it for years as I had some back acne as well. After a week of continued usage, you can feel the smoothness of your skin and the marks will disappear as well. This isn't recommended for FACE though as any AHA will make your skin sensitive to UV. It's good for BODY as long as you have clothes on... lol.

But don't worry, any sun exposure won't turn you into the incredible green hulk!

The bottle is big enough for whole body usage and it last for a long time too. Do try it and I'd love to hear your updates on this!

All the best!

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I used to get at least one new cystic acne spot on my back (after quitting pill) every other day. I was so sick of trying stuff from the derm that didn't work so I tried acupuncture and it has been amazing. I got three in a month and the ones that do come disappear much faster and do not scar. She has also treated the scars. It's amazing!!

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