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Carmex Causes Breakout Around Lips?!

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Hello! I have incredibly dry lips because of Accutane. I started off with Burt's Bees. They got drier. I tried Vaseline for a while. My derm recommended Aquaphor, which worked for a bit until I got angular cheilitis (sp?). Based on a post on here, I used cortisone ointment, which helped immensely (it tastes weird, as a heads up). I went back to Aquaphor and starting having the angular cheilitis almost immediately. My brother has the world's worst chapped lips and said Carmex worked wonders for him. I switched to Carmex, which makes my lips feel AWESOME.

I'm having RIDICULOUSLY painful tiny breakouts right at the edges of my lips, I believe due to the Carmex. Anyone else having this issue? What are you guys using to moisturize your lips?

TL;DR: I think Carmex is making me breakout around my lips, it hurts, but my lips are so dry. Advise please!!!!!!

[Personal background: almost done with month 5 of Accutane, derm said I will likely have to go through a 6th month. Was on Accutane twice in the time frame of 2000-2003 in HS, now back on for hopefully the last time.]

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