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My Redness Getting Me Crazy

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I am 28 years old man and getting tired of facial redness.

As I remember since being 14 year old I had beginning of the redness but never taken care of this seriously due to lack of money.

For few years I use various creams and they helped a bit I can not deny it.

I use:

- IsisPharma Ruboril and Ruboril SPF +50 with great skin marker (mask);

- RedBlocker (bought it in Poland), quite effective optically;

I used example:

- PhysioGel;

- various cheap creams;

- Metronidazol (it is treatment for Acne);

- recenty Mirvaso - it works great however it blends my redness to much. I got whote cheeks and rest of my face is a bit redder so it is visible something is not good, if it worked a less effective it could be my saver of life;

Now I take the VBeam laser treatments and I see first effects. I have done so far 3 treatments and I'll go for another few.

However I tend to have an food allergy so if I eat something I am becoming much more redder, so effects of laser are almost negligible when it occurs.

I am beginning of the allergy treatment and my symptopms of bad food are:

- my cheeks are much more redder than normal, few times I could say, depending of the food amount it may back to normal after hour, two or next day... or few days later at worst :(

- terrible burning sensation for some time;

- I get "dots" on face - cheeks and forehead - they fade few days after the "day zero";

When I put cream for redness on my burning cheeks it disappeared in one minute - thick layer of it.

I never treated my allergy problem so far because it never gave so strong negative effect like burning cheeks, it gave me reason I started to think about allergy issues of mine.

I started to have problems with eyes too, in both of them under upper lip and down lip I got white dots, I read it may be caused by Acne\egzeem issues. My eye doctor could not find issues of the eye only but he noticed chronicly allergic symptoms maybe correlated to the facial redness issue as well.

My dermatologist wasn't sure about Acne, more likely just Roseacea.

I hope you get me your thinking, and some creme - gels examples for burning skin (in case so) and good masks for men? Women gets easier, they can do makeup and problem solved, I must cover my redness carefully to prevent weird looking at me, I think you know what I mean.

So far for this purpose IsisPharma SPF+50 with nice skin color worked quite well, it didn't cover redness totally but it smooths different colors quite well.

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