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Post Accutane Regime

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So, I've been on Accutane twice. I lost my hair, recently just chopped it off because I want to to re-grow it healthy and thick.

Anyways, after 7 months my skin started to break out again...not much, but still..it was painful enough.

So I started a new regime. Since I am not 18 anymore..my regime also needs to target aging..So I hope this helps. It works for me.


I do not diet. I eat what I want. BUT I am lucky because I LOVE my kale and my spinach and salads..mm I love my fish, and turkey and chicken. I do love red meat, but I eat it maybe once a month...whenever I crave it. I like my wine..I keep it red. I don't like fried stuff..I can go for fries..when I feel like it. I eat junk food when I want it..again, not very often.. Oh, just so you know, when I had acne I did not eat any of that stuff. I was eating carrots and drinking water, and avoiding milk, white bread, sugar - I was so strict with my diet..and still had acne. So...I kinda figured, diet is great, but find what is right for you.


Supplements I take at least once a year are:

I always have Milk Thirstle. It detoxes your liver. Btw, it helps with hangover too. Take it before going out to party with a glass of coconut water.

MSM- does miracles to your skin and hair. I take it once or twice a day.

Biosilk- amazing supplement. I take it at least once a years. It costs about $30 for a month of supply.

Bee Propolis-love love love.

Black Seed Oil- it is amazing. Just for overall health.

Vit C - always in my regime. I like to take it with MSM and BIosilk

Folic Acid- I take it for a month, twice a year. Mostly during spring, and during Fall.

Skin&Hair Supplement- love them, especially the new gummy bear version. I take them when I am not on Biosilk.


I wash my face with...whatever.. African Black Soap, Glycolic Cleanser, Neostrata Foam Cleanser, hand soap, Sheseido Cleanser..

I also exfoliate ..with Coal and Black Sugar mask by Freeman almost every day. I do a lot of masks with clay, peeling masks.

As a toner I like Jason C, Witch Hazel 100%.

BUt here are couple products I adore..

100% Rosehip oil I apply 3 drops on my face after the toner at least once a day.

Maracuja OIl..every other day..LOVE IT.

Laneige balancing Emulsion every day..I apply it after the oil and every morning after the toner.

I use Laneige Water Bank Mask every 3 days overnight.

I also use Dermalogica Multivitamin mask every week.

Hope that helps!

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