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Got some Vits your recommendations please

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Hey all this is my first post go easy! eusa_boohoo.gif

I bought some vitamins that I think I might need can you guys recommend how I should take them and when I should take them.

1. Vitamin C - EsterC

2. Pantothenic Acid 550 mg - Solgar

3. Evening Primrose gammaoil 1000mg - Quest

4. Calcium Pantothenate - Rosemarys brand 575mg with b5 500mg

5. Zinc gluconate - Solagar 50 mg

Currently Im takeing one of each 2 times a day with meals. Just wondering if this is ok , its only been 2 days and looking ok..

Btw also had sex for the first time in ages (was clearish before this) and totally brokout!!


need more zinc? Hormones are probably going haywire!!!

UK members: Have you heard of clear complection from HRI ? Anyone use this ?

it contains Dry extract from 90mg Burdock Root (30mg),

Dry extract from 90mg Blue Flag (30mg), Sarsaparilla BPC(1949) 30mg

MAke sense to anyone?

Thanks for looking

C wacko.gif

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look, just check the rda doses online, and check the recommended dosages for treating specific health worries. Its easy on the net.

I have seen that clear complexion, but try the tesco skin tablets, 500mg burdock, 375mg wild pansy. 60 tablets but take 6 a day so it only lasts ten days.

If you want an indicator, these pills go out of stock very quickly. They cost about the same as the clear complexion pills you mentioned

I think these herbal remedies do not directly act on acne. It is more about cleansing body, liver blood, which has a knock on effect. This is because some think that if you liver is toxic, it will sometimes try to release these toxins through your skin, so spots happen as well.

I'm taking aloada stuff like you, so I can't tell what is heling what. All I can say is that my acne has reduced noticably. If you want to know what I'm getting then pm me. we both live in the uk so we can tlak about the same products and where to get them

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