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Single Indented Red Acne Scar And Over 40.

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I'm keen to treat a single red and indented acne scar (3 months old) and I'm now 40 so wondering what will work on mature skin?

I'd really like this scar treated as I think I made the healing cyst worse by over exfoliating when I was stressed one day so seeing it in the mirror is a constant reminder of that day.

I only want the scar area treated though. Anyone had any success at this age?

I have no experience of treating scars (despite 20 years of acne).

So far I've only used 5% Glycolic Acid Cream (and really don't know if I should have done), Camilia Oil and MSM cream, I use Bio Oil anyway (and Emulsifying Ointment - used that for 25 years as I have sensitive skin). Sunscreen factor 50 daily too.

I'm taking Turmeric and Great Lakes Collagen for my knee problems so also wondering if anyone uses this for Acne / Scarring as well?

In my stock of products that I have researched and purchased but not used yet (only bought them to relieve my anxiety so I can get on and study for a major exam next week) I have - Vitamin C Serum, 2% Salicylic Acid, 10% Glycolic Acid (both Bravura), and Boots Scar Reduction Serum (already had for my leg scar), Copper Peptide and a Dermaroller. I'm actually too scared to use anything else in case it gets worse.

I had a mild vitamin C peel in January when I enquired at a clinic about the scar but they didn't seem to get that I wanted the scar treated, not my whole face (the rest is fine). I also went for a consultation at another clinic where they suggested a deep peel (which I don't want) or Punch Biopsy (again, which I don't want in case it gets worse).

Any advice? (apart from calm down?)


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Minnie I'm in exactly the same position as you, I'm 40 too! My profile pic needs updating!

I am going to out pics up of my recent scars in my earlier post so we will see what everyone says.

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Hi, yes, we are the same, I'm 40. I took a look at your photos and they are the same as mine. They don't look indented straight on (at both consultations they said they weren't indented but I can see they are when I look in my mirror when I'm driving. Really don't want to go with anything too invasive though. It's very difficult to find any information on when to start treating them. I started using Glycolic Acid as I read it's best to start as soon as possible.

Have you treated yours in any way yet?

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Hi Minnie, my dermatologist said they weren't indented, but that the darkness of them makes them look indented. I had one session of IPL laser but it didn't seem to help. I was recommended a hydro facial at my aesthetic skin clinic as it includes some blue light laser which is also good for red marks. Maybe we've been lucky and avoided indents.

What caused your scars? Do you just get the odd bit of acne hormonally like I do? I can go months without a pimple and then I will get 2-3 nasty painful cysts. What do you use on your skin? I use the entire clenziderm system from Obagi now.

You should put some photos up to get more replies

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Yes, I'm much the same, I don't get anything for months and then an outbreak (I've got prescription Zineryt on repeat prescription as I got taken off Dianette due to age).

I've had such sensitive skin in the past that I gave up on everything else (except what was prescribed) and use BioOil, Emulsiying Ointment and a Ambre Solaire Sunscreen. I've tried all kinds of combinations of products and realised it wasn't what I put on my skin causing spots it was hormonal.

I've had really dreadful skin at times for over 20 years and no other indented / permanent scarring until 3 months ago.

The spot that caused my scar was quite like a cyst that just stayed for months and then skin started sloughing off it and then I think I over exfoliated it and now I've got a red indented mark. I can see mine is indented when I look side on.

I did wonder about Laser as I'm not brave enough for a chemical peel. Just so difficult to know to do.

I'm hoping as my skin has healed so well in the past that this one will flatten out but that might be wishful thinking.

I'd be interested to know how you go with yours, I'm desperate to get rid of this one.

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