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Omg I just put a Oatmeal mask on

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I feel so strange doing this but saw on the interent that people have sucess from oatmeal mixed with Pure honey. I just got done spreading it. my skin feels realy dry Im gunna rinse with COld water Ill keep ya posted

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i dont either, but tetracycline is only $15 max

i payed $12 for 60 capsules 500mg - 1 month

also if we all had health insurance the quality would suck ass

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Tetracycline is for both guys and girls, it works really well to, gets rid of the cysts and painful pimples, the only thing I had was some red spots and tiny pimples that were almost impossible to see. razz.gif

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Actually oatmeal obsorbs oil, and honey is both anti bacterial/anitmocrobial and moisturizing. All in all that mask is really good for your skin. Prescription meds and the over the counter meds aren't the only good treatments for acne.

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DO u need a prescribe for Tetracycline I think i was on it when i was younger. Isent it a little clear cap with little yellow balls in it?>

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