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Brown Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation

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Hi! I've had PIH on my buttocks and legs for a year now... I had a skin condition that caused me to have itchy pimples on my body and of course I had to scratch them and now I'm left with these scars. I'm Finnish/Iranian so they have brown/red pigment in them and they are medium in color, nothing too severe. I'm wondering will these ever go away? My doctor told me to moisturize my skin and they would go away on their own but they're still here... I started using Paulas Choice 8% glycolic acid gel on them once a day, natural cocoa butter once a day and a lemon/honey/brown sugar/olive oil scrub once a day. I treated them pretty religiously but no improvement... Now I'm experiencing with a turmeric/yogurt/honey/lemon "mask" that I'm going to use every night and I'll still use that scrub but only 3 times a week (I heard scrubbing everyday can cause inflammation) and that glycolic acid gel and finally moisturizer (cocoa butter or something thick for super dry/sensitive skin). I'm planning on buying a dermaroller. Does my routine sound good? How to fade them? They aren't even dark so I don't know why they are still here... They are really lowering my confidence especially the ones on my buttocks.

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