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Epiduo And Acne - Help

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Hello Forum,

so I have acne since over half a year now. It was bad a couple of months ago, also because I tend to pick at my acne. It fucking sucks! About me, 20 year old male.

Anyways, I went to the derm and got Epiduo., it helps renew the skin from what I know. Been using it for a month now and i don't know what to think. On one side it cleared my acne a bit, my forehead is now clear apart from the little red scars left but i'm not worried about that. My problem areas now are the cheeks, jaw and temples. I've got spots on both cheeks which left a hyperpygmentation after Epiduo, but they are also refilling with pus after some time. It's a vicious cycle and i can't stop it because I'm pretty sure that I have a sebum overproduction. Also, large pores aren't helping.

My jaw has never really been clear, i always have a few active pimples on there. On Epiduo this area gets quite red and it looks like I ate tomatoe sauce, unbelievable. Temples are also annoying, cystic acne tends to form there and it's the kind of that gets red but is very soft and won't go away no matter what.

I'm just reaching out because i'm lost. I've got a skincare regimen going on, Dermasence foaming face wash (with salycic and glyolic acid), then a non-comedogenic moisturizer and at night a pea-sized amount of Epiduo.

I don't want to go on Accutane after hearing it can have severe side effects, especially on the gut. But I also want to live a normal life again, this is well nackering! Please give me some piece of advice.

Also sorry for grammatical mistakes, english isn't my native tongue.

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