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Benzoyl Peroxide And Anti-Oxidants

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I've been using the regimen for quite a while now -- over six months -- and I've been thoroughly disappointed at its apparent inability to rid me of my more inflamed, cystic breakouts that I receive every once in a while. However, I've been taking a closer look at my topical repertoire, and I've taken note of something that almost caused me to smack my forehead: I've been liberally applying shea butter, a powerful antioxidant, soon after applying benozyl peroxide. The chemistry inclined know that benzoyl peroxide negatively reacts with anti-oxidants in a way that causes both treatments to cancel each other out. Jojoba oil, another popular moisturizer, also contains anti-oxidant properties. I believe that this is why many people believe that jojoba oil breaks them out. It is simply inactivating the benzoyl peroxide. Going forward, I urge everyone to make certain that they are not applying anti-oxidant heavy topicals to their skin in conjunction with BP. I will remove the shea butter from my cabinet and notify all of you of the results.

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This topic is a few months old, but antioxidants shouldn't affect benzoyl peroxide's effectiveness if applied AFTER the bp has COMPLETELY absorbed/dried. That is, according to the science of how bp works (oxidation happens very briefly right when you first put in on the skin. Paul Begoun and Dan say you can pretty much apply antioxidants after the bp is absorbed).

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I haven't had any issues with my jojoba oil breaking me out. In fact it really adds to my moisturizer and makes my skin feel better then when I don't use it. To add, the BP has been very successful with controlling my cystic acne. Although, during that time of the month for me, I find that sometimes BP is no match for my hormones, but it is kept down to 1 or 2 spots so it doesn't bother me too much.

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