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question about lasers

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As some of you may know, I was looking into Smoothbeam treatments and have yet another annoying question for you guys...lol. K, as far as I know I am only getting Smoothbeam but it may be combined with another laser (possibly Vbeam?) however I am unsure at the moment. The plan is to start in January after I get back from my New Years trip. I was just wondering if Smoothbeam will make the little black spots on my nose go away? They have been there for years and pore strips have not helped. They're small (smaller than blackheads I think) but there's a ton of them and they are totally noticeable. Should I go to a derm next month and ask about getting them removed and then getting a chemical peel to kind of "fill in" the holes so they don't come back THEN go for lasers in January? Or will the lasers make them go away?

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I don't know how to describe them. confused.gif They're black but not quite as big as blackheads. They're like...clogged pores with a dark appearance. My nose is the oiliest part of my face and although my entire face is very oily, I find my nose is just a bit more severe. I would take a picture if I had a cam but this is the best way I can explain it. Does it make any sense? I don't think they're blackheads because they're like little dots. There is just soooo many of them. My entire nose is covered in them.

Oh and btw: I also have a few on my upper and lower lipline AND I have a "hole" on the corner of my top left lip. It was from a blackhead I squeezed out SIX years ago and its still there! Will anything make that go away as well?

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It definately sounds as if you suffer from blackheads, but I can't be certain since I can't see you. wink.gif Ask your MD. You can try a salicylic acid wash or product to get rid of them. I would think SB would help though.

As for the hole, it is most likely permanent, sorry. On the bright side, if you are young and it is recent, it will probably become softer with time. And SB may help its appearance.

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Thanks for the info. I'm going to switch to a Neutrogena cleanser and moisturizer (I think anyway) when I start my laser treatments. I really hope I see some good results. So I guess I shouldn't bother with a peel beforehand then? The only reason I would want one before is that if the lasers make the redness on my skin go away I wouldn't want to try a peel afterward just in case it brings back the redness (I have a rather ruddy complexion and my skin is very sensitive).

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Oh yeah no worries I wasn't going to do it like RIGHT before my first laser treatment. Haha...god...that would be horrendous. eek.gif K, I won't do it at all then. I'll just pray that the lasers will make it all go away. neutral.gif

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