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Accutane Extreme Rare Side Effect

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Hello eveyone! I'm here writting in hope to find someone who can help me because I'm facing a big depression.

I took accutane one year ago. I started with 5 mg per day for my mild acne ( biggest mistake of my life!!!). After one month of treatment I started to develop facial flushing and lots of petechiae around my eyes. Scared I decided to stop it after 3 and a half months of it.

My dermatologist sait that my flushes would disappear and my the petechiaes too... Well let me tell that is been a year now that I still devellop petechiae (the facial flush almost dissapeared).

It's horrible because every single thing that I do (removing makeup, washing, scratching, crying or even doing nothing) it gives me those tiny red dots around my eyes. I get them almost everyday. I always have around 10 to 20 of them.

I went to several doctors some of them did a bloodtest and everything was normal. They don't know why I get them. Most of the doctors them think I have fragile capilaries. One of them even said I have rosacea since I still have acne!! But the other doctors said that it wasnt that.

I don't understand why accutane did this to me. I'm scared to live with this for the rest of my life!! Please I need help! If you gus know a way or a treatment to help it please tell me because I several treatments: vit c, flavonoids and vit k. None of them helped me except vit k. Oh and I also have sometimes (since accutane of course) petechiae on my legs, arms and chest.

I apologize for my bad writting, english is not my langague.

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I'm On month 6 of tane and get those red dots around me eyes

Hoping go away after tane

Derm doesn't have much feedback



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Accutane can stay on your body up to a year. Corticoids also stay on your body for a year approximately, so imagine that Accutane (that is stronger and nobody know how exactly acts) and its side effects can take a bit more than the usual time to go away.Just don't panic

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How many do you have those petechiae on face/body? I hope it will go away not like me :(

Thanks for the response!

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Francolpd thanks for responding!

Yes I know that accutane its a strong medication wich can stay one or years to the body but I took such a small dose in a such short time, this kinda freaks me out! Plus It's been one year and a half that I have those :0

I'm afraid to deal with this for the rest of my life. Plus my acne is coming back brutally so I'm going to take the birth control pill again since I saw a hematologist and he explained that I develloped fragile cappilaries because of accutane.

He said that the pill will help not just my acne but also my bruise and red dots. I hope he's right cuz I seriously dont know what to do. And for acne I tried everything: diets, natural treatment, microdermabrasion, accutane, acne.org regimen, natural supplement, antibiotics, birth control and etc... The only ones who worked 100% were accutane, the acne.org regimen and birth control.

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