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i'm 15 and male. i have have a few red dots that use to be zits i think but now are just dots like there inside the skin or sumthin? i was just wondering what they are and are they scars? and if what could i do to get rid of them

thanks scott

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Probably hyperpigmentation, but it is hard to say without seeing them. I suggest you ask your Dr. for the best advice.

If they are hyperpigmentation, time will take care of them. You can try the topicals others have used for redmarks and see if that helps you.

From the FAQ's: Q: How can I get rid of my red marks / hyperpigmentation / brown marks / dark marks?

A: There are several different approaches to help this process. You may have to experiment to find which works best for you. The effectiveness of these treatments varies and they may have to be used in conjunction with other treatments for best results:

Prescription approach:

* Generally recommended: A Retinoid (i.e. Retin-A) & Hydroquinone*

Non-prescription approaches:

· The tape method of exfoliation

· The vinegar method of exfoliation

. Apply an Alpha Hydroxy Acid peel (i.e. Lactic Acid, Glycolic Acid, TCA, etc.)

· Apply a Beta-Hydroxy Acid solution

· Vita-K for Blotchy Skin

. Mandelic Acid Serum

Good Luck!

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