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Hi I'm 15 and ive got acne rosacea and I thought was handling it well when my skin just basically erupted and instead of the acne being under my eyes and around my nose, it has spread into 'butterfly' across my cheeks. I feel like everytime I change my cleansers my skin starts to improve but gets worse afterwards than it was before. I dont touch my skin often, only if I feel an itch.

Everytime I have a shower I ALWAYS get red patches on my face. Ive tried having a cold shower, or less time in the shower but nothing helps. I think it may be the 'peach fuzz' facial hair i have irritating my skin. It just looks ugly and nasty and I just want it to go awaym ive taken zinc supplements but do they work? And are there any home remedys or over the counter inexpensive products I could get to stop the redness and budding pimples?

Ive added pictures below (though I was kinda hesitant) there are two of the same photo but I added an effect on one (the photo with a lot of red you'll understand) to show how REALLY bad it is. Mind the peach fuzz on the upper lip XD]





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I know what you are going through. I used to be really spotty and red and take after my dad who had acne and now has adult rosacea.I use a cream by mama nature called proskin rosacea and it has been really great. It has tea tree in it. It is not cheap to buy but a pot lasts me for around six months. I have tried cheaper creams but have not found them to help and don't seem to be of the same quality. They also do an acne lotion but the cream works well for me and I don't intend changing to the lotion.

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