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Options For Lots Of Scarring + Redness

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I'm looking for things I can try to improve my current situation.

I have a good deal of scarring from temples and all across cheeks as well as a good deal of redness mostly on my cheeks, seems to drop off dramatically as it hits my beard/near jaw line. Scars are mostly rolling and box type if I understand correctly. I still get a good deal of small whiteheads around mouth/nose area mostly.

I've tried different types of moisturizers, no moisturizers. I've completely turned my diet on its head several times. Seemingly no change.

I've heard whiteheads are due to clogged pores due to excessive skin shedding? Idk what can be done to correct this though, beyond what I've already tried.

Redness I experience seems too mild to be rosacea? But it is there pretty much 24/7, is exasperated with exercise, hot showers or certain products and sometimes appears less red right after waking. I've heard this is due to excessive blood vessils near the skin or over-dialation of said blood vessels. Not sure how this could possibly be corrected though. :(

Have Tried:
On the scarring front, I have a 1.0mm derma roller which seems to produce no results. I also do chemical peels with a 30% sca solution which results in peeling and seemingly some improvement, not sure how many times peels can be done though; It seems like a fairly harsh process.

I was contemplating continuing the peels every fort night and trying a 1.5mm derma roller. And maybe silicone gel? Is that juts for raised scars? Seems to be advertised for all types. And maybe the suction thing? Does that do anything without subcision?

Any information, alternatives experiences are welcome on reducing/eliminating white heads and reducing/removing fairly serious scarring and redness.

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1.5 dermarolling + single needling + suction thing is a good option. Also, for better results, you should apply vitamin A (retinol or tretinoin, which is better for scars and will help ya with the white heads), vitamin C (l-ascorbic acid), and probably first generation copper peptides (GHK-Cu). You can read more on owndoc.com. Read their dermaneedling instruction and search all you want on their forum.

And maybe silicone gel? Is that juts for raised scars?

Yeah, that is. Don't use it for your atrophic ones. A waste of time.

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