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i am 25 and have suffered from mild to sever acne on my face, back, chest, breasts, and tops of my arms since i was about 12.

i have tried a number of things over the years from over the counter creams and herbal remedies, birth control and roll on gels and creams from my GP, to antibiotics and roaccutane from a dermatologist.

i have even been on gout medication at one point.

not a single thing has worked.

over a 2 year break from using medication after my roaccutane disaster, i have changed my diet and lifestyle in a last ditch attempt to improve my skin, and have once again resorted to my GP for help as it has only got worse.

i have been prescribed LYMECYCLINE.

a 2 month course of 1 480mg tablet a day.

im only 2 weeks in and my skin has never been worse!!!

my entire face, chest, breasts, back and arms are literally covered in white heads..

i am using azaelic acid (15%) topically to try and dry out my skin as it is really oily.

even after i shower (where they tend to burst), within an hour they are back and worse again in the morning.

do i need to just stick with it and hope it gets better by the time the 2 month course is up?

is it normalfor this to happen when taking lymecycline?

its at the point where i cant leave the house without a scarf on because it looks like i have sever chicken pox on my neck.

any advice is appreciated !

pictures arent taht great.. but its all inflammed and quite sore...

my beasts and back are the same





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Hi Faye!

I started taking Lymecycline about 5 months ago (once a day) with Differin gel to dry out my skin externally. For about the first month I was still breaking out bad and my skin was pretty sore from the dryness, so you're not alone! I'd stick to the Lymecycline- I was ready to give up because I wasn't noticing a difference and it's taken 5 months for my skin to be relatively clear. I think you just have to allow your skin to get worse before it gets better. 

I hope it works for you, I have tried so many things and understand how frustrating it all is! 


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