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Problems with Nodules

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Hey everyone!

Being as this is my first post i just want to say thanks to Dan for making such a great community for people to help and share their experiences.

Alright, i guess i'll just jump right in! First off i have pretty mild/severe acne. What i have is a few nodules on my chin, 2 to be exact and they aren't even big. I have extremely mild acne on my cheeks and the occasional tiny zit on my forhead (usually unoticable). Well, i might sound like a useless cause because of how mild my acne is but, i really want to help prevent future break outs and i would like to see a drastic decrease in the size of these nodules! First off during the summer i was out alot and hardly had any acne at all, it was rather good at times almost 100% completely clear. But once school started i started breaking out heavily at first and then i started getting nodules on my chin that where pretty painful at first. I started using Neutrogenas 3 step package that worked VERY well on my skin and it only took 2 weeks to get rid of the nodules. But then i ran out of the Nuetrogena package and i decided that maybe i should try something else, and i did. I had EXTREMELY mild acne at the time and it went away with the new stuff and i was pretty pleased, but i got a pretty extensive breakout and i was scared i was going to get it REALLY bad so i decided to look online for help and i found this site and decided to give the regim a try. I've been on it a week and i've really only seen negative effects (acne that i do have on my chin is turning into what looks like almost black marks, maybe it's decreasing but i don't know). Since i've started i've gotten these 2 nodules, mild chin acne, and a few mild zits here and there. I was just wondering if maybe i should go back to the Nuetrogena stuff that had SA in it and just stick with it, that's what seemed to work the absoloute best. Thanks alot and i'm sorry it was so long!

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