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Hey guys,

before I had acne I used to hit the gym almost everyday, and take shakes (phD Whey Protein) everyday. I used to drink a lot of milk just generally - I love cold milk I have no idea why - and I would mix it with my protein powder. My diet wasn't very 'acne-friendly', I would eat a lot of eggs and chicken (hormones everywhere ) and the whey which I consumed had IGF-1 (which correlates with sebum production) so as soon as my acne got worse I had to stop eating those foods in excess and consequently lost a lot of size. So, my motivation to work out and general morale just declined and to this day I haven't been able to find any kind of supplement that would provide me with around the same (if not just slightly less) amount of protein as whey, without the stuff that's bad for my skin. If anyone has any advice with regards to this, i'd appreciate your input! Thanks!

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I've used a plant based protein for a while now, don't see any real negative affects to my skin by drinking it. It won't be as high protein per scoop as whey isolate or something, but it's decent. Check out bodybuilding.com for Raw Fusion, it tastes great! Very low in sugars as well.

If you can tolerate almond butter, eating some of that before bedtime is great for packing on the weight too.

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I don't know if you're still reading this, but those guys are right - plant-based proteins are the best if you get acne. You don't absolutely HAVE to use a plant protein though. It could be that your acne isn't all THAT severe and you don't need to go all vegan, haha. This article lists a bunch of the latest, best protein sources. It says that all you might have to do to stop acne is to switch from whey concentrate to whey isolate, something to think about! :new_smiley_104:

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