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I Dont Use Anything, Please Help?

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Hey everyone, I could really use your help.

I'm a senior in college and have never used anything on my face (I just let water run down my face in the shower). I'm fortunate to not have that much acne, but will always have a spot and will occasionally have a pimple that takes forever to surface.. Annoying and a total confidence killer, in fact I will cancel all plans whenever I have one of those. This is something I want to address. But have no idea where to start. In fact I'm scared to try anything new in fear of making things worse.

Many of my pores have gunk and junk in them (oftentimes with no real irritation or redness). What would help this? A moisturizer? An exfoliant? For the most part I wouldn't say my face is dry or anything, but maybe I'm so naive I just don't know it.

I'm absolutely in the dark here. I'm 21 and have never had any parent or friend assist me with this. What do you suggest?

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Can you provide a bit more information?

Gender/ehtnicity/do you have oily skin/are they limited to the face and which area on the face/are you on any meds (including the pill), take any supplements/drink/smoke etc

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Use something Ph balancing/natural because you haven't used harsh chemicals before which may mess with your acid mantal!

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