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Two years ago I would have called it bad (when I developed that kind of acne) because the transition from smooth face->that level of acne, stressed me out so much. Now that I've experienced acne worse than that, I wouldn't call it bad at all, it's in one place etc...it's pretty subjective I think

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its not bad, If i have to rate it will be a 2

I have had (and currently struggling with some tiny stragglers atm) pimples on my cheeks and chin (those huge ones that are under your skin and hurt like a B****).

what did help me decrease the pimples on my cheeks and chin.... was taking out dairy and eating a gluten free diet. I kid you not I had less and less pimples near my chin and cheek area (still had some rando's especially during that time of the month).

I also stuck to a simple face cleaning method...I used to attack my face with all kinds of products thinking "the more i use anti acne stuff the faster it will clear!!"

wronnggggg, i was completely wrong...those regimens aggravated my skin and caused me new breakouts. Now in the night I just use cetaphil gentle cleanser for normal to oily skin, Aveeno clear complexion daily cleansing pads and vanicream. On the days i want an overnight fix i do all that and add a spot treatment of kiehls acne blemish control daily skin-clearing treatment.

In the morning I just wash my face and use my cetaphil, kiehls acne blemish control daily skin-clearing treatment over my whole face (pea size application all over the face) and sunscreen.

it took me 5 regimen switches to finally find one that works!

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