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Roaccutane Long Term Effects (7-8 Years)

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Between 2006-2007 I was taking roaccutane 100mg per day for 3 months (5 pills of 20mg a pill, no joke) by doctors orders.

Then I went and saw a different doctor, when he heard how much I was taking per day he said to me how is your liver still alive, then I understood I had taken too much, he immediately lowerd the dosage to 60mg per day for another 3 months then I stopped taking roaccutane.

Now 7-8 years later I still get dry lips, that's about the only side effect I feel.

Can I take something to repair it so that I don't have to use Vaseline and other lip cream?

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Yes I drink lots of water more then a liter per day and I have times I will drink 3-4 liters per day

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No, I don't think that there is anything that will cure dry lips. The long-term effects of Isotretinoin (based on several accounts) can last for a lifetime.

Keep doing what you're doing. Just make sure that your lip products are safe for acne-prone skin. Petroleum jelly is a good choice.

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i know thats not what you want to hear

but dry lips are not the worse long term side effect you could have

i read about other loosing their hair or having digestive issues ....that the price we pay for clear skin

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