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Living In China Cured My Acne!

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So I recently was in Shanghai for 5 months (for studies), which completely took away my acne! I had absolutely no, zero, pimples arriving for the last 2-3 of months.

Two of my other friends who came with me there as well said it too, that their skin is better than ever.

I've now been back in my home country in Europe for 3 weeks and the acne seems to be coming back as it was before... I've had constant acne for over 10 years and I've even tried isotretinoin antibiotics (didn't have long lasting effect).

Some reasons could be... the fact that my overall diet was very different (Chinese instead of Western), and I consumed less milk products there. We also wondered if the reason could be the tap water that was i.e. heavily cleansed with chlorine (wasn't drinkable) ?

This is very strange, because there's a lot of pollution in the air there etc, and I do nothing to my skin except remove makeup and wash with water, no products.

I have no idea why it went away, it really baffles me! So I'd like to get you're thoughts for what it could be! We need to get to the bottom of this :D

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What kind of diet were you consuming? I know nothing about Chinese diet, and it'd be nice to get a first hand account. Milk, yea, that's something westerners know. Probably should go dairy free. And no tap water, just bottled? Even tap water in my country is full of crap. The surface/lung contaminants probably have less of an affect than direct ingestion of things that your body hates. The funny thing is a lot of Chinese Americans suffer from acne over here. Seems like they are sensitive to the American diet.

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Did you drink lot of green tea? I know chinese people drink lot of tea. It's a dht blocker. I know greek and italian people have fantastic skin maybe cos of olive oil.

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