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Hi i smoke a lot of cigarettes ....are there people who quit smoking and looks your skin much better ? does stop smoking also your scars look better?

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I didn't notice any difference in my skin when I quit. (Except for the fact that I broke out for some reason) I think there are about 1000 better reasons to quit than "your skin will look better."

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I have read that smoking depletes your body of Vitamin C. Vitamin C is said to improve collagen production. You might consider researching smoking and the correlation between vitamin C.

Agree w/OG that there are lots of reasons to quit smoking.

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I agree you should quit smoking. It is healthier for your skin as your skin receives more oxygen and isn't sallow. Also, it depletes Vitamin C like Tamara said.

Most people's acne is better after quitting. Unfortunately, I have the same experience as OG.

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it makes a difference when you quit smoking and years and years later you'll see a bit of a difference.

Anyway the months that I quit smoking I didn't notice any difference for that same reason.

But when quitting, don't only do it for your skin but also to minimize the risk of cancer.

That's more important I reckon than a bit of damaged skin.

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