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Completely Fed Up and Depressed! Please Help!

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My whole life I had beautiful clear skin, just the rare few pimples every so often. As a teen, I never struggled with acne or anything of the sort, just some sensitive skin and eczema. Now, at 22 I have developed acne for the first time in my life! I am trying everything possible to make it go away. My t-zone is forever shiney, I have so many bumps and blackheads and whiteheads, my pores are HUGE, and I scar easily. I wash my face so much cause I'm so greasy! I wash with cetaphil or neutrogena transparent bar?? (Are these good cleansers, or should I use anoher type? ) I've tried differin (didn't work), tazorac (didnt work), now Im on retin a micro and Im on almost my third month and I dont any significant improvement. I'm very depressed all the time, and I dont go out like I used to. I am ready to toss the retin a, and take a more naturalistic approach. My complexion is ruddy and uneven and just plain old gross. I'm so self-conscious and I'm upset ALL the time, EVERY day. The acne always takes forever to heal and I always have a mark left. Blackheads wont buge either. My stupid acne is making me not perform at work and sleep all day. Someone please help me with some good advice!! What to cleanse with, etc....Someone please give me a good regimin.....It's taking over my life. :lol:

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Hi i know how you feel, but ive had acne since i was pretty young, im not 21. Maybe you need something more gentle. Did you try Dan's regime? or proactiv, alot of people have success with this, but not everyone. I think you need a good cleanser cetaphil should be good, and if the medication your using drys out your skin you should use a good moisturizer like I use Cetaphil and neutrogena healthy skin face lotion. Hope this helps a little.

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I have tried proactive, however I got very red from it. I think its becasue my skin is ultra sensitive from eczema. My sister loves it, though. I guess its different for everyone. Now, I just feel like there are no other approaches..I thought about accutane but my sister had a really bad effect from that too. I'm not sure what to do or what to try next. I feel like Ive tried it all. However, I will try your gentler washing advice. Also, what about an spf? I know you need one with retin a..I have never really worn spf a lot before and I'm an outdoors kind of person. Maybe all the ruddiness on my face is from sundamage as well as acne! Oy Vey!

Do you have any other suggestions??

Thank a lot! Much appreciated! :!:

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I was just as miserable as you when I had acne. Mine started as early as fourth grade, and I am currently in 8th. It was terrible! But now, my face stays about 95% clear most of the time. There are a few minor zits once in a while- but not much more. I use "BenzaClin" at night. It took about a month, I think, to notice great improvement. Yet, it went pretty fast for me! It really was worth it! All I have left is pigmentation marks and blotchy skin. The marks are purple, and make me miserable. But at least I don't have a face full of zits anymore!!!!!Hope this helped!!!!! Good luck^_^

caline :wink:

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i can relate with you.. i've had the clearest skin until i got to college.. it's been really frustrating and depressing for me.. but i'm hanging in there.. and my skin is finally starting to improve..

"go to a dermatologist" is great advice.. because this is the kinda stuff dermatologists handle.. if he/she thinks it's bad enough, you'll get started on antibiotics of some sort, or else, u'll just get a topical gel or cream..

dan's regimen is something u should seriously consider, u can make ur own variations of it if u wish..

also, look into the different kinds of stuff ppl here are trying.. everyone's different, so u might not respond to one thing but to another.. so just try to take everyone's advice and apply it.. see what works for u..

vitamin A or b5 might not be a bad idea.. u might wanna visit derm first tho.

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Have you considered the fact you wash your skin so much may be contributing? It does aggravate things. As does slathering on multiple "cures". Try leaving it alone for a week, only washing gently,and PATTING your face dry twice with normal soap. You'd be amazed at how well your own body handles problems. Just don't pick at them.

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:P I agree with the last post. Sometimes we put too much stuff on our poor skin. I used to wash my face with a washrag and really hard, now I use no washrag and treat it with kid gloves, seems to help not irritate it.

I tried all the things you tried. I am 23, female, have had acne all my life but it got worse in the last year. I tried topical antibiotics, oral antibiotics like Minocyclin, etc. The topical worked only a short time, then wore off effectiveness. The oral made me sick and I have heard are not good for big infections that may come along later in life and cannot fight bacteria due to use of, and they did not work on my skin anyway. Tried them twice, no help, just stomach and other problems. Tried Retin A twice over the years, made my sensitive yet oily skin red and worse and worse, also tried Differin. Went to 4 different derms. They love to prescribe pills. Looked into birth control and Accutane, decided not to go there, but have you tried a naturopath?

Go to My Regimen Results under Newcastlegirl's and read my journey. Journey it was and is. I have had the best and most long-lasting results with going to Bastyr Clinic and getting a one-time homeopathic pill and then sticking to vites, minerals, etc. It is all there if you are interested. I hope you can find the same results, give it time. My breakout at first was so BAD but then in a few weeks one side of face cleared, then the other. I am so happy, even my boyfriend from Delaware who saw me a month ago noticed the difference.

Love, Karen

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I noticed if i leave it alone it improves...........and i notice some people dont really care about skin problems unless you seem to let it bother you. Try and be the one in the crowd who is the loud one! They will like your personality cuz it will be the first thing they will noticE!!!! And i havent tried the dermatoligist cuz i dont feel like having my parents see another thing i try that doesnt work.........how much do they usually charge?

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Like the rest of the people here said don't wash too much. :wink:

Scrub as little as possible and use something gentle. I find that most (all?) soaps make your skin dry and flaky and this just makes everything worse. I tried clear glycerin and dove bars among several piles of soap all of which were crap.

Other so called gentle soaps have oils which aggravate acne.

Cleansing gels are usually less aggressive than cleansing bars. Try finding one which does not make your skin flaky or worsens the grease problem. It must not have any oil based products whatsoever. The ones listed in the site seem fine but I cannot buy them in my country.

Remember your skin is the body's first defense against infection and having it miserable just makes life easier for the bugs. The whiteheads are basically bacterial infections.

If you can find some non-comedogenic cleanser which works for you great.

If you cannot even washing with plain water and a soft sponge is better than making things worse with soap.

Rinse well to remove the cleanser if you use any.

Pat your skin with a towel to dry it. Do not scrub. Do not worry if it is not 100% dry.

Benzoyl Peroxide (BP) is great stuff for killing the bugs and drying the whiteheads but be warned it dries up your skin. The regimen in the site probably works because it balances its evil effects by applying moisturizer.

Some areas of your body are usually more oily so BP does not dry them up significantly. e.g. the forehead. Try using creams with less % of BP to get less dry skin.

Like I said at another thread water + apple cider vinegar is great stuff because it is a mild antiseptic. It does not dry your skin up and kills the bugs. The strong antiseptic smell vanishes in a couple of minutes and it removes nasty odors. It reduces itch as well. It will most likely not cure you but makes your life easier and removes most of the whiteheads.

Check out your diet. Remember the old saying: you are what you eat.

I found out recently I was consuming no Vitamin A whatsoever and started taking beta carotene (provitamin A) pills to balance things out. The liver can seemingly store upto 2 years worth of Vitamin A in its reserves.

Provitamin A is converted into Vitamin A by the liver. I find this much better than injecting Vitamin A directly into my system. Your liver usually knows the dosage better than you. Vitamin A in heavy doses makes more harm than good. It is lethal in extreme doses (e.g. if you eat bear liver). But it is essential to human health:


Drinking carrot juice seems a good natural alternative to the pills.

Mango juice has vitamin A and C so you may want to check it out.

You really should go to the dermatologist. I have went to more than half a dozen in the past with usually poor results but it does not mean the same will happen to you.

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