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Cannot Take Accutane Or Prescriptions. What Do, Acne.org?

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Hey guys new here but not to acne.

I've suffered ten years from acne now and there's no end in sight. I'm terribly hurt by its effects, as are we all. I cannot be treated by Accutane or any prescription drug, as I can't tolerate them ( and my liver enzymes go nuts+terrible abdominal pain just from taking antibiotics and such or bouts of pancreatitis from the drugs.). My acne causes pain and burning.

What are the latest treatments laser wise for shrinking sebaceous glands? I am trying to find it on the net but the information seems so convoluted that I thought I'd ask here. You guys don't need to hear the sob story "acne ruined my life." I'm sure you've been through it all. In my case, I suffered from extreme measures I took to try to "cure" my acne through insane diets. I am dairy-free to this day. I have heard of a doctor doing experimental treatments in California with a laser or something, similar to PDT, but I forgot his name and what it's called, does anyone know? I really can't find it.

But warned all that diets don't work for everyone, and can be very harmful. I lost bone density, became malnourished and just depressed from not being able to well, eat. I take calcium supplements now to offset that loss. Was it worth it for acne? No, but it highlights the effects it can drastically have on you.

So, anyone have any ideas on where to go next? I don't know the different lasers etc. Topicals don't work either.

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