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Eggs and acne???

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I eat a lot of eggs... too many in a week. I should be needing bypass surgery as my dad says (he just had it 4 months ago).

I was wondering if eggs has made anyone else have breakouts. I have been clear and still am (cept for one remainder of a zit)... I read someplace about staying away from eggs to keep your skin clear.

So far though, my skin is clear and personally i havent been able to link zits to eggs. anyone else have input on this?

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I've never noticed or heard of a link between eggs and acne. Eggs do contain cholesterol, but the amounts of HDL and LDL in the bloodstream is regulated by other dietary and hormonal factors, besides cholesterol in the diet. I usually limit myself to one egg at a time, and I buy only eggs "laid by hens fed an all-natural, whole grain diet rich in corn and soy protein, containing no animal fat, animal by-products, preseratives or anitbiotics."

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There's no relation.

And if you're young,the eggs won't harm you. In fact, the protein will help you. I've a colleague who looks young for her age coz she eats loads of eggs. It helps in skin elasticity (proven).


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