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Has Anyone Taken Accutane Like I'm Doing Right Now?

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Hey guys!

I've been prescribed Accutane in a pretty unusually way that I haven't heard before. My doctor prescribed me only 10g and only one capsule a day. Can anyone relate to this?

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Plenty of people have been on low doses like this - do a board search and you'll find lots of threads. I did a low dose course of just over 12 months which ranged from 60mg/week to 30mg/day.

It's more common than you might think.

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JJ and GarS19, tell us how severe was your acne to start? cystic?...or just oily skin

JJ did it 'cure' you and are you off now?

The benefits are of course minimal side effects, bad news is it takes longer to show improvement and you likely have to delay scar improvement, ie lasers till you are completely off even a low dose.

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Hi mrsrobinson

My acne was not severe, it was my third course of Accutane. The previous 2 I took were both over 10 years ago. I would only get an occasional cyst, my acne was more mild and inflammatory (papules and pustules particularly along my jawline).

It did not cure me, I have been off it for 6 weeks and I am now using tretinoin. Staying pretty clear on tret, mainly non-inflamed or slightly inflamed stuff when I do get acne.

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