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hi i have been over your website over and over again trying to find a cure for me. right now i am curentl using PanOxyl Aquagel 2.5 % benzoyl peroxide. I'm 15 years old i've had acne for for 2 years now it use to be really bad on my forehead and not on my cheeks and now its really bad on my cheeks and i'm frustrated on why it wont go away. I use about a loonie sized amount to cover my whole face. what am i doing wrong? what would help? anything!user posted image

(as u can see in the pic u it doesnt appear that i ahve acne but its just the webcam (lucky me) the point was i need to cure my acne so i can this face out there tongue.gif

thanks scott

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Hey man

First of all ,Relax, your lucky your acne isn't as bad as mine!!!!

Acne has a way of spreading sometimes, I used to get it just on my chin, then it spread to my whole face!! but now its back to pretty much just my chin!! Thank god!

I use Panoxyl myself, i would recommend getting the 10% ,as I find it much better than the 2.5%!!!!

Dries your skin up alot though!!

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alright i'll try and find that, the only things in the stores that i have found are the 2.5 % and the 5 % i used the 5 % before and i didnt really see an improvement from the 2.5 or 5 % it just stayed the same. how often do you use it? right now i wash my face with a soap when i come home for lunch and apply the panoxyl bp at night


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well i use 2 different thins u use to use neutrogena soap that was just a bar that was suppose to be used for people with moderate acne but i havn't used that in over 2 months and right now i'm using neutrogena daily facial clensing cloths with cold water

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