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It cant be!?!?!?

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Is it possible for for acne to return even after taking accutane????

Ive been done with accutane for awhile now, but now it seems like its all coming back again. I have 2 mild bumps on my face already that i didnt even notice, and It wasnt their two days ago. Im scared to death that maybe my acne is all gonna come back to me. cry.gif

Isnt their anything that i can do to make these bumps disappear??? No ointments or anything like that, just something quick and easy. I heard their was sum kinda needle trick or sumthing for dealing with mild bumps.

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There is a chance it could come back and you'd need another trial. What are you using cleanser-wise right now? After going off of Accutane, I waited about a month to go back to regular soaps (I just used Dove for awhile and during my course of Accutane) to be safe. But I think after using Accutane, you should definetly follow up and start using a good cleanser and moisturizer. Maybe try Murad or even Proactiv (it does actually work for some people...lol).

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Omg, its getting worse. I cant believe this.

After getting off accutane, my face actually did look quite clear. But now, if i run my hand across my face, i can feel every bump and it even hurts when i do that. More ways that one. Luckily, its not as bad as it was before; but it could get that way if i dont do sumthing before it happens. cry.gif

Its even coming together across my chest again. I hate this.

I dont know what to do. Should i beg my parents to help me on accutane again?

Or use sumthing else?

eusa_liar.gif <<<<<<<<<<<<<(me) ack!!!

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