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When they first appeared on my cheeks and under my eyes, my mom told me not to worry. That it was nothing serious and that they would close in a short time. doubt.gif She was wrong. Well, its been a long while now and they are just so visable. But not only do I have open pores but my skin is very VERY OILY. I just recently bought Neutrogena's Pore Refining Cleanser.

Does anyone have advice on open pores?

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You cant decrease pore size, but what you can do is make them appear smaller. Oil causes the pores to appear larger and can sometimes permanantly casue a large pore. Keeping your skin dry by washing twice a day will make your pores appear smaller and using a mask at night on larger pores will work good. Try putting a thin layer of Phillips Milk of Magnesia (original) on larger pores before bed. It sounds funny, but it works.

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Pores on your face don't open or close. A build up of dead skin cells and oil can make a pore appear larger (sometimes permanently). I have this problem too. All over my face my pores are large and visible. I've been using Differin which helps a little (by helping keep the gunk out of them). Masks used to help me a little too, but only temporarily.

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