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Nothing seems to work for me....need help!!

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I have just started using Clearasil Deep Cleanser this Tuesday and it doesn't really seem it's helping too much. I have switched over to this after a month of using the products mentioned in botchla's regimen.

Now I don't want to switch back over to C&C or try some new products just yet since it'll be too soon, so I don't know if I should just stick with this and hope it works or should I buy some OXY Pads (I used these before, and they don't cause breakouts but I don't know if it really works)

So far I have gotten a few pimples on my forehead, a big zit on the right side of my cheek which I didn't have since forever. The zits on the side of my nose has gotten better, but there is now a cyst on the tip of my nose which is ALOT worse.

It sucks, no matter how hard I try, this crap seems to happen all the time. Ironically I'm using this stuff to clear my face but it is just causing me more grief than ever since it causes me to breakout more.

So what can I do? I could pop my zits but I fear it may lead to permanent scarring, but at the same time I'm really impatient because I had acne for like 4 years now and it has gotten alot worse these past few months.

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if you have had it for four years, and it is getting worst, go see your gp?

you can get some antibiotics, maybe some topical lotions.

If you don't wanna, try experimenting. Many find diet helps, so it wouldn't hurt to try changing your diet for a week or something

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About the diet, should I drink like only 1 cup of milk everyday and drink ALOT more water?

I have alot of acne and weird color spots on my face like right by my sideburns and I had those for 2 years or so. I don't know how to get rid of them. I haven't tried Herbal Logix on those spots yet since I used it all on my nose and it seems to work...sorta.

I'm thinking of maybe using OXY pads and hopefully that will remove oil and stuff, and hopefully my face will be clear after.

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I think it'd be beneficial if you tried one of those kits. AcneFree or Neutrogena Advanced Solutions. They aren't too expensive and they're guaranteed to work. You can take the AcneFree back to Walmart if it doesn't work and they'll refund your money.

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diet, I find drinking tonnes of water really helps. I'm talking mouthfuls at a time, not gigantic cups in one go as that won't help for long. Drink throughout the day. If you are doing the water thing, cut back on caffiene etc, and fizzy drinks.

People here also talk about liver cleanse. I'm not saying go use enemas. You can buy milk thistle or burdock root pills/liquid which seem to be working well for me. ANyway, it was just food for thought.

Get a non irritant cleanser. Cetaphil is best! the cleanser lotion tough, not the bar

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