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Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation (Pih) Need Thoughts

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Hey guys I have started this topic to get some feedback about my hyperpigmentation.

I am 18 years old and I started getting acne about 2-3 years ago, my acne wasn't that bad at first but I developed bad habits of picking at it that cause it to spread everywhere. But this year recently all my acne has cleared up and I get the rare pimple every once in a while but I am left with these marks on my skin. I still use my Tactupump cream. I think it might be because I was in Mexico for Christmas and I got tanned pretty well on my face because I didn't wear any suncreen but I didn't get burned at all. I am also Middle-Eastern so my skin is not very white or pale.

All I was wondering is if this marks fully go away (showing clear skin), and if they do how long will it take?

And if so what would speed up the process?



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