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Boiling water

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Hey whats up people.

I have just joined the forum, im 15 and had acne on my cheeks and jawline since i was 13, its really pooing me out smile.gif

So i was thinking anyway, When you have a wash and you use your daily face wash, you want it to get really deep into your pores so it can kill the bacteriea.

so i was woundering if you boiled some water stuck it into a large bowl put your face on top of it a couple of inches away (dont put your face in boiling water, may have consequences eusa_naughty.gifsmile.gif ) and then put a towle over your head and the bowl, then apply face wash, then put your head back under the towel for another five minutes.

Im going to start this today, my reason for beliveing in this is because hot water opens pores, thats why people have saunas and the steam from the hot water carries the poo in your pores out of your face, then u can put your face wash on so if your pores are open more the face wash will get deeper.

Also i might add soem green tea leaves in with the boiled water that might help right?

im not looking for a cure just something to clear the redness up and the other crap

Just my thaughts

cheers for listening, Jason ninja.gif

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No, they don't. Go back to wasting your days Photoshopping Bob Saget pictures; if you want to be disrespectful, at least be clever.

Pores seem to open/close but, in fact, they only become more relaxed or less relaxed, allowing oil to come through more easily; they don't open or close though. We are not plants.

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Steaming your skin is bad idea.Higher humidity can swell your pores shut.The bacteria you are trying to kill are deep in your pores not on the surface.If your burn yourself or chap your skin it can make your acne worse too.Use ice on acne to reduce inflammation, which also increases the effectiveness of topicals.I was a total skeptic about the ice, but I am amazed how much it helps.

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The application of heat to the skin, to treat acne, is not recommended. Also, if you put your face a few inches above boiling water, with a towel over your head, you run the risk of inhaling hot vapor, which can cause serious burns to nasal passages, the trachea, bronchial passages, and lungs.

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Once a year, I treat myself to a spa day. The facial treatment includes steaming of the face and neck. I have copied it at home by filling the bathroom sink with water that is warm enough to create steam (not boiling hot, however) and then holding my head, covered with a towel, 6 to 8 inches over the water. It's never caused a problem for me, but I don't know that it would ultimately help reduce acne redness. However, it's quite relaxing and feels wonderful.

There are also home facial steamers you can buy. HoMedics is one of the better known makers of home spa-type products. Gaiam products may also sell something.

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